High end studio headphone sound is just a click away!

SW3.1By adding 6 headphone models, Sonarworks Reference 3.1 plug-in now delivers accurate and hassle-free studio sound on 24 popular studio headphone models.

All of the studio headphones have some merit due to which they have conquered their place on mixing desks. Despite this getting a headphone mix that works equally well on speakers is a problem – usually you need many runs to the car to do double checks. Engineers who use Sonarworks plug-in report that calibrated headphones allow them to go from ten runs to the car to just two or three. Do your mixes faster and be confident that there will be no surprises afterwards when your client does the listening.

Sonarworks supported headphones are calibrated towards the same reference tonality, hence all of them are tonally very much the same. If your friends use Sonarworks calibration, then you can be sure that they will hear the same thing you do. They’ll be able to give more on-point feedback and do more precise tweaks if need be. Now imagine, you lose your favorite pair of cans or just decide to buy a better ones – as long as they’re calibrated there will be no need to re-learn new gear. Put your headphones on and you’re back in action!

By employing a patent-pending measurement method, Sonarworks identifies sonic aberrations in headphones and corrects them using a DAW plug-in. The sonic signature of every headphone is tuned to a target frequency response, which makes them sound like flat speakers in a well-treated studio. With REFERENCE 3.1 plug-in, engineers are able to mix with confidence, knowing how their work will translate to other sound systems.

The standard version of headphone calibration does not require any extra hardware. Anyone using a pair of supported headphones will be able to enjoy reference headphone sound in a matter of minutes. A full functionality FREE 21 day trial is available – CLICK HERE!

Average calibration profiles currently available for these headphones –

  • AKG K141 MKII
  • AKG K240 Studio
  • AKG K271 MKII
  • AKG K701
  • AKG K702
  • AKG K712
  • Audio-Technica M20x
  • Audio-Technica M40x
  • Audio-Technica M50x
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Ohm
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 250 Ohm
  • Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro
  • Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro
  • Focal Spirit Pro
  • KRK KNS8400
  • Sennheiser HD25-II
  • Sennheiser HD280
  • Sennheiser HD598
  • Sennheiser HD600
  • Sennheiser HD650
  • Sennheiser HD800
  • Shure SRH840
  • Sony MDR7506
  • Superlux HD681

Even $1500 headphones like Sennheiser HD800 can benefit tremendously from calibration. “My HD800 now sounds unbelievably good and even more neutral than HD600 in its natural state. I am not sure if that kind of sound quality can be achieved by any other headphones on the market,” said Eric Schulz from Germany who was the first to get his HD800 individually calibrated. With REFERENCE 3.1 everyone can upgrade even these top of the line headphones with a few mouse clicks.

Try it out now!

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6 Responses to “High end studio headphone sound is just a click away!”

  1. Toshi

    I use the Sennheiser IE 8 by field recording. Will it be possible to add In ear monitors?

    • Sonarworks.com admin

      Maybe in time. We are currently working on IEM measuring, but so far it seems that their sound changes a lot depending on tips and how well they seal.

  2. Terry

    I just bought your Ref 3 speaker softwares… I would have bought the headphones bundle but you do not list my Sennheiser HD 380 PRO model… I am replacing ARC 2 with your purportedly superior calibration. I wish you did my headphones… I know you can custom do them but it would seem ultimately cheaper just to buy a new set from you.

  3. Morten Lind Jakobsen

    I am considering buying at new set of headphones. Which one on the list woud you consider to be the best and most suitable for mixing and mastering !

  4. Steve


    any plans adding Shure SRH 1840 headphones in the near future?

    cheers from Germany


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