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9 Responses to “Free shipping on all calibrated headphones!”

  1. Joey Fernandez

    I own the 650 and use it all the time with the Ref 3. What are some your favorites? interested in maybe a second pair.

    • admin

      Hey Joey,

      That’s a tough one. HD650 are extremely good headphones and beating them will require spending a lot of cash. Are you looking to upgrade or sidegrade? If the latter then consider getting closed cans like ATH-M50x or DT770.

      All the best,

  2. Dan

    Hey Rudolfs,

    I produce electronic music and use the (semi-open) HD650 + headphone amp while working in quiet environments like hotel rooms. Really LOVE those cans — no need to upgrade (unless, maybe the HD800 may be worth a shot :-)). Got me the ATH-M50x for working in places where I don’t wanna disturb people (airplane, bus, airport etc) but not really happy with those headphones. Not really delivering the details I am used to get from the HD650 (sound a bit midrange-muddy to my ears). Question: Are the (software-calibrated) DT770 250ohms “better” (better resolution, clearer mids and highs) than the M50x (in your opinion)? Or same story? Both closed-back design, so probably both not as “airy” as the HD650… but i wonder if checking out the 770 might be a good idea?! Or any other great (more expensive would be fine too) closed-back headphones you would recommend for producing/mixing music?


    • admin

      Hey Dan,

      The DT770 are pretty much an equal to M50x in most aspects, especially when calibrated. Can’t say if you’d experience any improvements. Uncalibrated these headphones sound quite different – the DT770 has a traditional “studio” treble happy sound, whilst the M50x has a more consumer consumer friendly U-curve sound.

      As for other headphones… Focal Spirit Pro sound good when calibrated, but ergonomics are mostly hit-and-miss. The resolution is there, but I can’t say if the price difference from M50x will be justified.

      All the best,

  3. Adriano

    Hi, Rudolfs. I finally bought SR Headphone plugin 3 and, let me tell you, I feel like I have bought a new headphone. Made some preliminary tests and finally my mixes translated much better in speakers, I thank you for that.

    Still I wonder if there would be much improvement with an individually calibrated can.

    I have an AKG K271 MKII, probably must have been one of the first to request calibration for this model months ago, and it’s been worthwhile the wait. I was thinking about getting a calibrated ATH-M50x, for it seems to be the best value and according to your review. I would like your opinion on that, considering I need closed back and I have no particular headphone amp other than my Fast Track C400 phone output.

    Best Regards


    • admin

      Hi, Adriano!

      Great to hear that we managed to help you with your work!

      The M50x is a really good headphone and uncalibrated works really well for fun listening. You should also consider the Beyerdynamic DT770 – I’d rate it being par with the M50x.

      Take care,

      • Adriano

        These are the best closed backs in your store? Also, which one works best with standard iterface headphone output?

  4. Albert


    I’m looking to buy a pair of calibrated headphones for mixing. I mix in my bedroom, which can be sometimes slightly noisy (computer hiss, birds) and sometimes quiet.

    Would you recommend closed or open headphones? And which do you think will be the most revealing?


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