KRK, Focal and Sennheiser headphone users – REJOICE!

By adding 6 headphone models, Sonarworks Reference 3.1 plug-in now delivers accurate and hassle-free studio sound on 24 popular studio headphone models.

HD800Due to popular demand Sonarworks has added 6 new headphones to the average calibration profile list –

  • AKG K271 MKII
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 250 Ohm
  • Focal Spirit Pro
  • KRK KNS 8400
  • Sennheiser HD25-II
  • Sennheiser HD800

Now everyone from avid EDM producers with indestructible HD25-II’s to mastering engineers using the HD800 to peer into the mix can have their headphones brought to reference level.

Even $1500 headphones like Sennheiser HD800 can benefit tremendously from calibration. “My HD800 now sounds unbelievably good and even more neutral than HD600 in its natural state. I am not sure if that kind of sound quality can be achieved by any other headphones on the market,” said Eric Schulz from Germany who was the first to get his HD800 individually calibrated. With REFERENCE 3.1 everyone can upgrade even these top of the line headphones with a few mouse clicks.

You can find the full supported headphone list here –

Try it out now!

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2 Responses to “KRK, Focal and Sennheiser headphone users – REJOICE!”

  1. jrboyd68

    I purchased your Reference 3. Would I have to purchase the reference 3.1 to update the plugin?


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