Unified sound with Reference 3 calibration suite

bundle_ccdf3969-1511-4cd9-8f75-6e184655ad08_1024x1024It’s not hard to imagine working on a project using studio monitors or headphones. What usually gives the most trouble is transitioning from one listening device to another. Work solely on a pair of headphones and the jury is still out if your mix will sound good on a pair of speakers.

Using both calibrated headphones and speakers gets you the same neutral sound signature, which means that:

  1. You can go effortlessly from headphones to speakers and wise versa. Just keep in mind the differences in bass impact and soundstage.
  2. Bring your studio sound to a tour bus or even a cafe. Calibrated headphones mean that you can work wherever you feel inspired. Come back to your studio, do a double check on your monitors and send the work off to your client!
  3. Work late nights without worrying that your neighbors will call the cops because of all that racket. Put the cans on, do the final tweaks on the SPL your music needs. Just don’t ruin your ears, Reference 3 can’t compensate for hearing loss (yet)!
  4. Use your studio headphones for emulating consumer headphone sound signatures and your speakers for consumer speaker systems. Superb translation guaranteed!

Each Reference 3 calibration suite contains one measurement software licence, two speaker plug-in licences and up to three headphone plug-in licences. Save -50% on the headphone plug-in by choosing to give the whole studio the Sonarworks treatment!

Buy the bundle on our WORLDWIDE WEBSTORE or US WEBSTORE!

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5 Responses to “Unified sound with Reference 3 calibration suite”

  1. BossCassini


    I’ve just buy Reference 3 Headphone calibration. I really enjoy it. I would like to buy Refence 3 speaker calibration with mic bit not avalaible for windows. When will the WIN-version be avalaible ?

  2. Ethan Lessiter

    Hi there,

    We recently have purchased Studio Calibration and its great!. However once calibrated the plugin has removed several dB of volume on the mast when playing in Pro Tools. The issue we have is that when we jump out of pro tools and are previewing a audio file say through Finder our monitor speakers go crazy loud becuase the Computer main output isn’t going through Sonar.

    1) Is there away we can send ALL of our computer audio through Sonarworks? or set up Pro Tools Aggregate in a way that does it.
    Ideally we need to be able to switch between headphones and speakers and playback on Finder easily without adjusting monitor volume all the time.

    2) Also does anyone else have any advice on how best to use Sonarworks in your Pro Tools session. again with the DB reduction once calibrated it messes with the master VU meters. I have been trying to set up some sort of Aux Channel which I call ‘Project Export’ and have that being the channel that is ‘bounced’ but it gets a bit complicated with bussing etc.. any other ideas?

    Please let me know any ideas 🙂

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