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The latest album of the band Faith No More is the first album fully mixed and mastered in a Sonarworks calibrated studio! Hear what the guys behind the record have to say about studio calibration.

“Bill Gould and I mixed the new Faith No More record, Sol Invictus, with the Sonarworks Studio Speaker Calibration software and are thrilled with the results. It’s the first time, in our 20 year history of working together, that we’re able to hear music so accurately. I’m finally able to hear things more clearly and no longer have to try and guess if my mixes will translate out into the ‘real world’,” said producer Matt Wallace.

“Very impressed with the Reference 3 measurement system! We used it when mixing the Sol Invictus and I can honestly say that, as a reference, this was an enormous help in nailing our final mixes. It allowed us too dig into frequencies with much greater detail and we were very happy with the results,” Bill told us.

If you have an album or single coming out, which has been made in a Sonarworks calibrated studio, drop us a message and we’ll write about it! We want to hear how calibration has helped in your work and tell others about it!

Happy mixing!

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One Response to “Your last album – tell us about it!”

  1. Cleon Richardson

    I had to work on a song for Christmas – Go Tell it on the Mountain with the artiste Cassandra Powder from Tobago. I was already into the mixing phase of the project when I saw the review of Reference 3 for headphones by ProTools Expert. I normally mix using the VRM Box by Focusrite with my Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headphones in conjunction with my speakers.

    I decided to give the plugin a try. I started to make decisions and could hear desired results easily. I used less plugins to process everything. I almost second guessed myself, but it sounded balanced to me.

    When I sent it to my mastering engineer, his response was “What do you want me to do with this?” It sounded great! He still worked his magic.

    Steven Slate of Slate Digital had this to say about the track after I used his new plugin The FG-Bomber “Cool stuff Cleon Richardson! Got it blasting and the subs are loving that kick sound! What a THUD!”

    I would not be able to hear what my plugins are doing more accurately without the Reference 3 Headphone plugin! It is a game changer!

    You can check out the song here:

    Cleon Richardson is a songwriter/arranger/producer/choir director and music production consultant
    He has taught at different universities throughout Trinidad. He is the person in charge of music for the Kids television program JJ & Friends and has worked on countless commercials. He is also the Director of Camari Music, his production company.


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