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  • A special offer for students and teachers

    Are you studying or teaching to make a mark in musical history? We have a special offer to make your task a bit easier – get -50% OFF on all Sonarworks digital products*!

    To apply for your discount, please submit a request at our Help Center. Make sure to attach a scanned copy of your student or teacher ID card so that we can be sure that you’re eligible!

    If you’d like to make a bulk order of our software products for classroom use, please get in touch with us here!

    *The discount applies to all sonarworks products, apart from XREF 20 measurement microphone and pre-calibrated headphone sets. When you buy headphone bundles, discount is applied only to software and calibration service. Please note that educational discount is not cumulative with any other discount.

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    Thank you for your interest in Sonarworks speaker calibration software!We are currently finalizing the new version of the tool and the old one isn't available.Please submit your e-mail on our Trial page so we can notify you as soon as the new version is released.