Calibration now on 16 NEW headphones!


After long weeks of measuring, testing and tweaking we’re releasing our biggest supported headphone update yet! With cans ranging from the noble-but-bright AKG K812 to everyman’s Beats now even more people can join the headphone revolution! Here are the newcomers: Audio-Technica ATH-R70x AKG K812 Beyerdynamic DT1770 Beats Mixr Beats Pro Beats Solo 2 Beats Studio… Read more »

How individual calibration works?


If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance your headphones sound better than 98% of the stuff out there. Expensive or affordable, all headphones are limited by the same physics, which we can only cheat a little. But most of all they’re limited by the fact that almost no one has figured out what… Read more »

Do the Same Model & Make Headphones Sound the Same?


Here at Sonarworks we measure headphones. A lot of them. So far we’ve measured more than 1100 pairs of headphones! This might just be the highest number of measurements any non-manufacturer company has done. And what’s more interesting – we have measured dozens of headphones from the same model. Therefore we know a few things… Read more »

Another MacOS Sierra hotfix for Sonarworks Reference 3


  We just released another update for Sonarworks speaker calibration software which fixes a nasty bug. On MacOS Sierra (10.12) due to a recent security update some users couldn’t activate their Reference 3 speaker calibration software. The newest build for Sonarworks Reference 3 software solves this problem. Please download it here. If any problems persist, please tell… Read more »

A critical update for MacOS Sierra users is out


We just released an update for Sonarworks speaker calibration software which fixes a critical bug. On MacOS Sierra (10.12) some users experienced an issue during calibration which made some buttons disappear. The newest build for Sonarworks Reference 3 software solves this problem. Please download it here. If any problems persist, please tell us about them!

Studio headphone review: Audio-Technica ATH-R70x


Despite being best known for their legendary M50 series closed back headphones, Audio-Technica is no stranger to open back headphones. Their AD series open back headphones are well regarded by gamers for their stellar imaging and good resolution. The R70x was released together with M70x sister headphone as two premium offerings for studio engineers. We… Read more »

Studio monitor test and calibration: 5 speakers in a “bedroom” studio

studio monitor calibration

When shopping for studio monitor speakers, you probably spend countless hours researching the highest ratings and pouring through many comments on forums, but you’re probably also aware about what kind of impact the room itself has on your sound system. We have a thesis that frequency response wise monitors of the present day actually vary… Read more »

How to choose the best studio headphones?


Countless times have our clients asked us what headphones to buy, therefore we’ve compiled an infograph for your convenience. The headphones you’ll see there have been chosen mostly for their neutral sound. We also made sure to actually try them out to see if they make sense ergonomically and won’t fall apart right before a… Read more »

Yamaha HS5 studio monitor review

yamaha hs5

Engineer or not just about everyone can recognize the ubiquitous white coned monitor that made musical history. Some have called the Yamaha HS series a successor to the legendary NS10, we are a bit skeptical about that. HS5 is a bass reflex studio monitor which means that it won’t be able to replicate the agile… Read more »