How to choose the best studio headphones?


Countless times have our clients asked us what headphones to buy, therefore we’ve compiled an infograph for your convenience. The headphones you’ll see there have been chosen mostly for their neutral sound. We also made sure to actually try them out to see if they make sense ergonomically and won’t fall apart right before a… Read more »

Reference 3 system-wide calibration (Mac and Windows)

system-wide calibration

This video tutorial will show you how to use the Sonarworks Reference 3 plug-in system-wide on your computer. This way you can listen to your favourite music with calibrated sound on all applications, enabling accurate sound outside of your digital audio workstation. Running Reference 3 system wide will also reduce the chance of you bouncing the mix with… Read more »

Can You Mix Effectively On Headphones?

frequency response gap

The answer is yes; you can create a commercial-quality mix on headphones – with properly calibrated frequency response and a little knowhow.

Headphone calibration FAQ

1. How does your calibration work? Measurement Sonarworks headphone measurement technology delivers Sonarworks PAPFR (Perceived acoustic power frequency response) technology on headphones. It is an innovative, patent pending measurement technology that measures headphone AFR as perceived by human ear rather than as measured by a measurement microphone. Our approach ensures that calibration based on Sonarworks… Read more »