Sonarworks Reference 4 Release Notes

This page lists the release notes from every production version of Sonarworks Reference software.

  • If you are not using the latest installer of Sonarworks Reference 4 software, please update to the latest version available on our Downloads page.
  • If you are using Sonarworks Reference 3, you can find out more about your upgrade options on our Upgrade Policy page.

Date of release: 31/10/2018

  • Added the option for users to activate trial from Plugin and Systemwide.
  • Fixed a bug where client did not receive IHP profile when authorising.
  • Fixed a bug where Windows installer rebooted computer during install.
  • Added a feature to update/download profiles from either Plugin, Systemwide or Measure
  • Added 60 new supported headphone models.


  • Fixed a bug on OSX when Systemwide was consuming too much CPU power.


  • Fixed bug where Measure showed incorrect graph for microphone frequency response


  • Plugin now supports 32-bit AAX and VST
  • Fixed a bug where Reference 4 might conflict with other vendor plugins causing a crash.

Date of release: 21/08/2018



  •  Fixed a crash in OSX Systemwide when user closed main UI during on-boarding, then opened Systemwide menu-tray and clicked “Got it”.
  •  Fixed a bug when on-boarding tooltip was shown to load a profile, but profile was already loaded.


  •  Measure now supports rare microphone IDs which consist of 7-digits instead of 6.


  • AAX plugin was showing that it is a VST plugin, when in fact, it is an AAX plugin.
  • A Linux VST of Reference plugin is now available. It is not included in the install package. Can be received upon an individual request to or in the Sonarworks beta community on facebook.

Date of release: 23/07/2018



  • Fixed a one time crash when updating to new version during the install process.

Date of release: 18/07/2018


Systemwide / Plugin:

  • Pop-up window shadows are thinner, therefore easier to not click them since mouse clicks on them are not registered.
  • Before if the user closed UI in the middle of onboarding, then onboarding started from the beginning the next time the user opened the UI. Now the onboarding will continue from the step the user closed UI.
  • Systemwide UI was broken after closing the licensing window.
    Information tooltips are now displayed in the correct positions.
  • Fixed bug where if a trial key is activated over HP permanent license, then all products are shown as studio trial.



  • The measured speaker profile is automatically loaded in Plugin and Systemwide as the active profile.

Date of release: 07/07/2018



  • Removed “Hardware Setup info” step
  • Metric or Imperial is now set to OS default
  • Gain knob animation only moves one way
  • Changed “in” to “inches”



  • Bass/Tilt is disabled if set to 0/0 values
  • SR onboarding tooltip is hidden if the plugin and systemwide is bypassed



  • Level meters are glitchy

Date of release: 28/06/2018



  • Fixed issue with Cubase 9.5.3 not working with Sonarworks plugin
  • Random DAW crashes with Sonarworks plugin (if Acoustica plugins were present)



  • Fixed random crashes during measurements
  • Crash on OSX when using devices which don’t support channel names (software crash after mic selection)
  • Crash during mic profile handling
  • Measurements are taking too long error bug
  • Improved ASIO device handling



  • Systemwide now shows the full version number

Date of release: 05/06/2018



  • Revised instructions. We have revised the instructions about a hardware setup and measuring process.
  • Calibration microphone profile can be downloaded directly from the software. Download the Sonarworks XREF 20 Measurement Microphone calibration profile automatically in the software by entering a mic ID number.
  • View microphone frequency response graph. You can visually explore a measurement microphone frequency response curve for Sonarworks measurement microphone as well as other calibration microphones that come with an individual calibration profile.
  • Revised feature set. We have removed features that were unnecessary and added new ones because of the streamlined measuring process.
    Voice feedback for the speaker distance measuring phase added. The voice feedback informs you about the state of the measuring process. It is useful if you have a studio where speakers are placed behind a computer screen and you’re not able to see the screen while standing by the speakers during the measuring process.
  • Revise dimensions more easily. Now you can revise the dimensions measured between the listening spot and the speakers more easily — just measure the distance in straight line from your listening spot to each speaker.
  • Revised representation of measuring points in a schematic setup (speakers and a listening area). The schematic representation of your setup allows you to locate the microphone and reminds you to aim between speakers.
    Explore your speaker frequency response curve. The legend of the graph displays a value of each point in the graph when you hover a mouse cursor on it.
  • More explicit warning and error messages. We’re trying to guide you through the measuring process by providing as much useful information at the right time as possible.


Systemwide and Plugin:

  • Sonarworks Studio Reference. It is the most neutral and balanced target. It will ensure that the energy throughout the whole frequency spectrum remains the same.
  • A revised set of features and their labels. We have reorganized the UI for several reasons: 1) removal of the simulations, 2) importance of the features and the order of their use. Also, we have renamed some of the features: we’re searching for labels for features that you could recognize or learn in a moment.
  • Switching between headphone and speaker profiles from the main UI of Systemwide. Now also Systemwide (identically to the plugin) enables switching between the profiles from the main UI. The switch on the main UI and the Systemwide’s widget work in sync.
  • Revised onboarding. Now we’re onboarding you contextually: the software displays few tooltips that are relevant for quick-start and getting to hearing the calibrated sound faster.
  • Revised frequency response curve graph. Now you can learn about each frequency response curve from descriptions next to the menu. The graph also gives a visual feedback regarding what’s being changed when you change the settings (e.g., Bass Boost, Limit Controls, etc.)
  • Warning when the calibration is turned off by changing Dry/Wet control settings. You can adjust the Dry/Wet control to adjust the level of correction applied. But when you turn it to 0, the correction is turned off. So you would know it, the software informs you by displaying a warning icon and a tooltip.

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