Having been in the biggest headphone enthusiast event so far, we’re incredibly happy to have met the actual people behind the forum avatars and industry brands! It’s a great feeling to be a part of such a closely knit community, even if sometimes we don’t see eye to eye about everything. In the end what matters is having fun, learning something new and listening to good music!

We hope that for those of you who could make it, the highlight of the event was our studio demo session. It sure was for us! For one we were excited to work in some of the best studios in the world and meet the magnificent people who run them. Then there’s the task of making a pair of headphones to sound like an Augspurger 2×15″ main monitor. Luckily the software performed flawlessly and everyone left seriously impressed!

If you missed us in New York, no worries – we’re getting ready or CanJam SoCal and looking to book some studios for another demo session! Keep your eyes peeled for extra info regarding the booth number and studio event invitations in the following weeks.

Happy listening!

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