Most effective studio speaker calibration

Ground breaking technology with multi-point measurement and 16'000 point phase-linear calibration
Automatic microphone location detection and visual step-by-step workflow minimizes time and human error

Ensure a new level of sound clarity without big investments

Simulate different audio systems on your speakers to create recordings that translate well to any sound system

Remove tonal differences from over-distance collaboration

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​”Sonarworks has revolutionised the way I mix, it’s turned my good room into a superb room and integrates perfectly!”

- Mark Lowry, Mixing and Mastering Engineer,


“Sonarworks is a great tool for mixing and mastering. For me, the ability to check my mixes on a variety of sound systems without even leaving the studio is priceless.”

- Kārlis Šteinmanis, KS Records


“Sonarworks let me distinguish and tame lower frequencies much better everywhere I work. It improved the sound not only in my studio, but also gave me more precision when working at home or at client’s studio.”

- Martins Burkevics, bass player and recording engineer

Burmansound Sonarworks 2

“With the Sonarworks room analysis and correction plug-in, I can hear more detail when I mix. Frequency response is flatter and imaging is tighter. Now I can trust the low end and my mixes translate better than ever!”

- Ellis Burman, film and music mix engineer from Burman Sound Inc., recently mixed “Ernest and Celestine”, Oscar nominated animation feature