• A much needed new standard on headphone calibration and compatibility

    Rafa Sardina
    Producer, mixer, engineer
    12 Grammy awards
    35 nominations

  • High-resolution studio headphone calibration

    Ultimate precision towards sonic reference of your choice -
    wherever you are…


“I have tried many RC software that are available in the market. Sonarworks is most certainly one of the top contenders out there. But for me it takes the cake when you factor in ease of use. There is no “re-routing” needed or auxiliary drivers to make it work in your DAW. The other issue with RC is sound. You might be able to essentially flatten your response at mix position but quite a few sound odd in the end. Sonarworks keeps the integrity of what is coming out of your speakers and interacting with the room. Not to mention, with unlimited measurement points, you can ensure utmost accuracy in mix position or even over a greater amount of space. 5 out of 5 stars for me!”

- Bob Davodian,Audio Engineer/Musician


​”Sonarworks has revolutionised the way I mix, it’s turned my good room into a superb room and integrates perfectly!”

- Mark Lowry, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, www.grooverooms-audio.com


“Sonarworks is a great tool for mixing and mastering. For me, the ability to check my mixes on a variety of sound systems without even leaving the studio is priceless.”

- Kārlis Šteinmanis, KS Records


“Sonarworks let me distinguish and tame lower frequencies much better everywhere I work. It improved the sound not only in my studio, but also gave me more precision when working at home or at client’s studio.”

- Martins Burkevics, bass player and recording engineer

Burmansound Sonarworks 2

“With the Sonarworks room analysis and correction plug-in, I can hear more detail when I mix. Frequency response is flatter and imaging is tighter. Now I can trust the low end and my mixes translate better than ever!”

- Ellis Burman, film and music mix engineer from Burman Sound Inc., recently mixed “Ernest and Celestine”, Oscar nominated animation feature

High-resolution calibrated studio headphones

  • Frequency response precision not obtainable with hardware alone
  • Entry into high precision
    sound monitoring at a fraction of the cost of high-end monitor speakers and room treatments

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Most effective studio speaker calibration

  • Ground breaking technology with multi-point measurement and 16'000 point phase-linear calibration
  • Automatic microphone location detection and visual step-by-step workflow minimizes time and human error

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