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Overall, the results were very positive. I believe that used correctly, Sonarworks Reference 3 will help improve your monitoring environment, and allow you to deliver mixes that play back well on a wider range of systems. Read more

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In the past I have found mixing on headphones a struggle especially when working with monitors as this often mislead some important mix decisions.  I've always found it difficult to trust one set of monitors over a set of headphones.  Sonarworks Headphone Calibration software has not only upgraded my already brilliant KRK KNS8400 headphones but also given me back a workflow that for many years I wasn't comfortable using. Read more



Even laptop warriors who only work on headphones or with small speakers will find Reference 3 to be highly useful. Sonarworks has really got a winner here, and I highly recommend checking it out, no matter what kind of system or room you have to work with. Read more



The Sonarworks Reference plug-in makes a difference that is out of all proportion to its modest price, and is capable of turning an unremarkable pair of headphones into a serious mix tool. Read the whole issue here - SoundOnSound May issue 2015 or Read more



It makes my AKG 702s significantly more trustworthy as a second mix reference. In other words, the plugin makes checking my mixes via headphones suck much less by making them more accurate. But the raison d’etre why I really like this plugin is that it makes the pain go away. Allow me to explain: I suffer from severe headaches that become migraines if I forget to take a ten minute break every hour. The plugins ability to tame/balance the 702s frequency response oddities make prolonged headphone usage much less fatiguing on my poor ears.



What Sonarworks offers is both a software application and an original service. The idea of making any pair of headphones flat and faithful is very appealing, especially for the price. And the fact that you can send in your headphones to have them measured pushes the concept even further. The result truly lives up to our expectations. If that wasn't enough, the software in itself is very comprehensive, featuring lots of parameters to allow you to handle any situation with ease. The only thing we can criticize is the small number of headphones currently available, and that the profiles based on well-known reproduction systems are a bit limited. But anyway, considering the 21-day demo version available, why not give it a try? Read more

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Using Sonarworks on my master buss compensated for the uneven frequency response of my headphones, and without much tweaking at all. The GUI is super intuitive so it took minimal effort to dial in exactly what I needed. There’s a slider that allowed me to determine how much EQ I needed, and I found that backing it down a hair gave me what sounded most “even” to my ears. Setting the EQ to “linear phase” also sounded best to me, but the difference between linear and minimal is pretty subtle. Read more



It’s hard to convey the benefits that a tool like this can have on your work as it’s a physical experience. But just as you might gain more clarity from upgrading your studio monitors or improving room acoustics, this plug-in has become an invaluable part of our production workflow and we can’t imagine being without it. Previously, working on headphones was fine for the creative composition and sound-design aspects of mobile work, but major mix decisions were always best left for dedicated studio time on full monitor playback. Now, we’re finding that our mix decisions made on our calibrated headphones are translating very well to other playback systems and for the money, it’s a recommended upgrade for your existing pair of headphones. Think, multi-monitor studio strapped to your head! Read more

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music radar

Initial listening in Flat mode proved quite revelatory. Our test room, although not bad by any means, had clearly been introducing frequency build-up at two specific points in the low mids, and there was also some cancellation at around 70Hz. Applying the correction curve delivered a much more open and flatter sound. Read more

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When I first heard about this calibration plug-in, I did wonder if it might have just been a simple EQ curve which was electronically calculated. Although I’m still not clear about the methodology here, it is apparent from the short explanations and what I can hear, that this is a very serious solution. It is a hard area of the market to venture into, which is why there isn’t really anything else out there quite like this. I highly commend Sonarworks for its thoughtful approach and long-term efforts in providing us with a tool that opens up possibilities on a higher level. Read more