A full frequency sweep along the audible range produces a frequency response data. We employ a unique patent pending measurement technology that delivers data in a way that illustrates how a set of headphones will be heard by real people.



Our measurement curve follows the deviations from the defined target curve and corrects any dips and peaks to achieve a frequency response that will enable the system to sound like flat calibrated speakers. This is achieved by using sophisticated math and an adjustable filter engine that can be customized for maximum accuracy or latency as low as 1.3ms for real time monitoring. After the initial frequency correction, the user is able to dial in his reference of choice.



Sonarworks technology also enables the mastering engineer to use his sound system to accurately simulate how his work will be heard on other devices – hi-fi speakers, cheaper earbuds and other popular means of music listening. Calibrated headphones also are a highly versatile listening tool to use on the go or on locations where reference level studio monitors are unavailable or unfeasable to set up.

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