About us

We're a music tech company on a mission to bridge the gap between sound creators and listeners.

Sonarworks is already an integral part of thousands of sound studios worldwide and now we're on a mission to revolutionize the way everyone listens to music by perfecting sound individually for every listener. Bridging the gap between music artists and listeners.

  • 40 Grammy-Awarded engineers endorse our core tech
  • 70,000+ recording studios rely on our technology
  • 7.8m EUR international 
investments so far
  • 4 technology patents
"This smart piece of software really can bring out the best in your headphones and your ears."
SoundID app review
February 2020



Our patented data-driven technology creates the most comprehensive sound profile possible, based on the largest research project ever conducted, that can be used across multiple devices and platforms.

  • Hearing optimized
  • Device optimized
  • Preference optimized

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